Rules for a Safe Ride

Rules for a Safe Ride

We want you to enjoy yourself while having a safe, fun, and memorable ride!

Before starting this event you must read, understand and agree to these rules as well as the USA Cycling Rule Book Chapter 10 ! If you choose to break or ignore these rules, you will be asked to leave the event and will not be permitted to participate in future events. This event is sanctioned by USA Cycling.

Be Careful, We Value Our Riders

The roads you will be riding on ARE NOT CLOSED TO TRAFFIC. You must ride single file and obey all traffic laws or you will be ticketed by local police and/or highway enforcement. Please stay to the right side of the road and within the bike lane (where available). Crossing the center line of the road is not allowed at anytime. Be aware if traffic at all times. All riders must be aware that there are hazards on course, such as potholes, cattle guards, gravel roads, debris and steep descents/ascents.

Wear a Helmet and Do A Bike Check

Helmets are MANDATORY. If you do not have a helmet on or are seen without one while riding on the course, you will be asked to leave the event. We also advise that you get a BIKE SAFETY CHECK done prior to the ride to check for worn brakes, worn tires and any other mechanical equipment issues. All of this helps to ensure everyone’s safety, including yours.

No Outside Assistance

No outside assistance or personal support vehicles allowed on course (if contending for a winners pink or Polk dot jersey). No exceptions (USA Cycling Rule Book Section 10F3).

No iPod or Cell Phone Usage

The roads you will ride are not closed to vehicular traffic and most roads are state and local highways. Under no circumstances are you allowed to wear earbuds for iPod or other musical devices. If you carry a cell phone, you must only use it once you are stopped and off of the roadway. Do not use iPods or cell phones while moving or blocking traffic.

Ride Courteously and Respectfully

Please be courteous to drivers and other riders. Ride single file as appropriate to the roadway and traffic conditions and where allowed by law. Even where riding double is legal, set a good example and be an ambassador for cycling. Passing slower riders correctly and courteously will also help to ensure safety. Generally, slower riders stay to the right, so if you must pass, please do so on the left and announce your passing loudly beforehand so the other riders are aware of your close proximity. Single up every time a vehicle is overtaking your group. Communicate with the group by using hand and verbal signals. If you must stop, please pull off of the road completely to make way for other riders and cars. When riding uphill or on narrow roads, please leave a gap for vehicles traveling faster than you to pass. Please remember that this is a ride, not a race. Safety takes priority at all times.

Must Be 18 or Older for Rides over 25 miles

All riders must be 18 years or older to ride the 50 mile, 100 kilometer and 100 mile rides. If you want your child to ride with your adult supervision on the 25 mile course ONLY, they must under adult supervision at all times.

Do Not Litter

If you are seen throwing garbage, gel packs, inner tubes, or any other disposable items onto the ground, you will be fined for littering. In California, this fine for littering is as much as $2,000 per occurrence. If a course marshall, fellow rider or staff witness you dropping trash at any time, you will be removed from the timing results and listed as a DQ. If you are seen picking up trash however, we know for sure that good karma makes you faster!

Enforcement and Course Marshals

Our race staff will be in cars or motorcycles along the course all day to enforce these rules and ensure rider safety. Course Marshals, SAG vehicles, Mechanical and Medical Staff will be riding near you to offer the best and safest experience possible. If you do not feel well or have an accident, stay put or move safely to the closest Aid Station and let the volunteers know you need assistance. If you have mechanical issues you may call the SAG Mechanical Vehicle Number listed on your turn sheet or stay put until they get to you. The SAG Vehicle number can also be called to report an accident.

Rain or Shine, Calling It a Day or Just Need to Stay Home

The event will happen rain or shine. No refunds or deferments are given. If you decide not to ride, you will still receive your shirt and a goody bag. If you do ride and decide you want to turn around early or ride one of the shorter routes, that is not a problem. Simply let our registration and timing staff know before you leave for the ride or after you return.

Course Time Limits

The 100 mile route must be completed within within 7 hours and 30 minutes (finish by 3pm), unless you take the Early Riser option which will provide an 8 hour course time limit (finish by 3pm). There will be no aid, medical, mechanical or timing support after 3pm. If you are participating in the 100 mile ride, you must pass the checkpoint at the mile 36 aid station by 10:45 am in order to be allowed to continue. If you do not make this cutoff time, you will be asked to turn around and continue on the 100 kilometer route instead.

GranFondos are Timed Rides- not Races

Pursuant to USA Cycling Rule Book Chapter 10, Granfondos are timed rides, not races. Chip timing will be used and your time will be calculated based on when you cross the start line and the finish line (i.e. “chip time”, NOT ‘gun time’). Results will be based on chip time.

Enjoy Yourself and the Beautiful Central California Coast!